Virtually every piece of equipment in a guitarists rig allows for near limitless customization. So why not the microphone?

The idea behind the MXL DX-2 was to offer a unique tool that enables a level of customization and personalization to musicians never before available on a microphone.

As with all creative media, the microphone is a tool that operates within the realm of creative expression, and it is really up to the artist to determine exactly how best to dial in their sound for the immediate application. The DX-2 was designed exactly for that purpose.

Designed specifically to hang directly in front of a guitar amp, the front of the microphone is flat so that it aligns perfectly with the speaker of the speaker cabinet, reducing any sonic distortion that could result from placing the microphone¬†askew, as is often the case when mic’ing a guitar amp.

The MXL DX-2 is the first of it’s kind as a dual capsule dynamic microphone with a variable control¬†crossfade knob on the back of the microphone, allowing the user to blend the pickup tone of the microphone between two distinctly different sounding capsules.

Capsule 1 (supercardioid) produces a warmer, fuller sound with greater frequency response in the low end.

Capsule 2 (cardioid) offers more midrange punch and detail.

Simply put, the MXL DX-2 produces your perfect tone. Dialed.