We live in a time where a little human decency can go a long way.

With all the campaign rhetoric surrounding the US Presidential elections, and now the aftermath well into February with no end in sight, tensions are high and we’re all in a lot of pain over it. The sheer degree of vitriol perpetuated in the media, on the radio, and on TV is staggering.

So this was my Christmas card this year. Originally I had intended to end the statement May there be peace on Earth with a question mark:

May there be peace on Earth?

In the end, I decided that offering peace on Earth, rather than challenging it, may be a great Christmas gift in of itself.

As goodness begets goodness, this country is having a tough time in 2017, and treating another with a little decency may really help to ease a lot of the pain that we’re all feeling as of late.

Pictured at left is the linoleum block that was used to produce the actual print. It is carved backwards so that when inked and pressed with paper in the printing process, the printed imprint comes out forwards as a mirrored reflection of the block itself.